How to decorate a Christmas tree - 3 Easy steps to the perfect christmas tree - Details Full Service Interiors

How to decorate a Christmas tree - 3 Easy steps to the perfect christmas tree - Details Full Service Interiors

Just like I always say, decorating doesn’t have to be so stressful or complicated.
Keeping it simple keeps your stress level low.
But, just because the decorating your Christmas tree steps are simple doesn’t mean your tree will be plain. You can choose to go as simple or as elaborate as you like.
Just follow the steps to keep decorating your Christmas tree stress-free.

You’ve chosen the perfect tree and placed it in the best location in your home.
You’ve watered it and let it rest for a day so that the branches have settled.
You’ve added the tree topper, because it’s SO much easier to get it on the top BEFORE you add the ornaments! You won’t have to reach over anything, afraid that it’ll break!
Now, simply follow these 3 steps for a beautiful Christmas tree.

Lights are the most important part of the christmas tree - Details Full Service Interiors - Interior Designer in Monson

Step 1 – Lights
To me the lights are the most important part. The more lights the better! Lights are what add the sparkle to your Christmas tree.
A good rule is to have 100 – 200 lights per foot of tree. I go with 200. So if your Christmas tree is 8 feet high you’ll need 1000 lights. Be sure to check the package for how many strands you can safely connect together.
Be sure to plug in your lights BEFORE you start adding them so that you know they all work. Nothing is worse than getting the lights on the tree and having them not work!
Choose lights with a base color that matches your tree, green wires for a green tree, etc.
Start wrapping your lights at the base of the tree, going up and wrapping each branch from trunk almost to the tip. Then move to the branch next to it, moving up until you’ve reached the top.

Hang garland or ribbon before you hang ornaments - Details Full Service Interiors - Monson Interior Designer

Step 2 – Garland or Ribbon
Whether you’re using garland or ribbon you need to hang it before the ornaments. You want the ornaments to hang in front of it.
Start at the top of the tree and work your way down, leaving about a foot space between rows.
If you’re using ribbon it helps to tuck it in toward the trunk a bit.
If you’re using garland add a bit of draping so that the garland hangs down a bit between branches.

Ornaments are the fun part - Details Full Service Interiors - Monson Interior Decorator

Step 3 – Ornaments
Now comes the fun part.
Start by choosing your favorite ornaments and disperse them in a prominent spot on your tree.
Next add your large ornaments. Again, disperse them evenly on the tree. You don’t want all large ornaments on one side, etc.
Next add medium ornaments.
Finish with small ornaments, filling in any empty spaces.
Make sure you hang some smaller ornaments toward the end of the branches, but not on the tip. Hanging ornaments on the tips of branches can be too heavy and it also makes the tree look messy.
Be sure to take a step back and look at the tree from further away so that you can see any empty spots.
Don’t forget to put some ornaments in near the trunk to add some depth to the Christmas tree.

Decorated christmas tree - Details Full Service Interiors - Interior Decorator in Monson

It really is as simple as that!
Take your time. Enjoy the process.
Finally, turn off all the lights in the room except for the tree lights.
Then sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the season!

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