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Why HGTV isn’t real life! 

Interior Design in the real world

I love HGTV.
I’m addicted to it.
I get great ideas, just like you do.

Here’s how it usually goes on HGTV –
Homeowner meets with the designer and tells him/her everything he/she wants.

Designer brings in her team.

Team begins labor on home.

Designer stops by to check on progress.

Designer adds a few decorative touches.

Designer reveals the project to homeowner.

Homeowner LOVES everything!

Here are my problems with HGTV.
1. Why don’t they discuss the budget?

Interior renovation and decorating isn’t cheap.
You can’t get the HGTV look without spending some money.
You just can’t.
We designers can work with your budget, but we can’t create an entire room for $200.

2. Why don’t they mention contracts and purchase orders?
They kind of make it look like we designers are just out having fun.
It is fun, but it’s our job too.
Interior designers require homeowners to enter into a contract in order to protect both parties.  They require homeowners to sign purchase orders so that it’s clear to both sides what is being bought. That way there’s no confusion or miscommunication.

3. How come they don’t mention how designers charge?
It’s always some sort of mystery.
But it’s really not.
Just like if you were looking for the best DUI defender in Fresno you wouldn’t leave it up to mystery how much it would cost in total, in the same way designers are compensated for their time and their expertise and communication is required.
Interior Designers usually either charge a percentage of the cost, or an hourly charge, or a mix of both.

So if your budget is $5,000, you’re not going to get $5,000 worth of product.
You have to account for your designer and contractor fees in that budget.
HGTV makes it seem like the designer works for free!

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4. How much does it cost the HGTV designers to always have this team of muscle that helps shop for decor, lug the stuff around and hang art and draperies?
I don’t have a large team that helps me with everything, such as shopping, carrying, hanging, etc.
Most of the time it’s just me.
I feel very empowered being able to work my power tools and carry heavy items.
But, I love on HGTV when the designer is standing there pointing to where they want everything hung.

That’s not my reality.

I’m the one climbing the ladder, installing the anchors and hanging the art.
And, I can do it just fine.

5. Where do the homeowners on HGTV go while the designer is working on their house?
Most homeowners don’t give you full access to their home and then come home to a surprise.
Most like to be involved in the choosing of products. They want to see choices. They live in their home, so I can’t just come and go as I please.
Therefore, they see the progress of the renovation.
There’s no big surprise at the end.

6. Where does all of their stuff go?
Most homeowners don’t replace everything in their rooms.
Showing an empty room turn into a completed project is much more dramatic.
But, that’s not how it usually is.
Sometimes the flooring is staying the same due to budget.
Sometimes the homeowner loves their floral wallpaper and I have to work with that.
Most of the time clients are adding to what they already own.

It’s not an unlimited budget that I’m free to spend on my own choices and surprise the client with a fabulous project that was completed in 2 weeks!

If only life were that easy!

If you have a project like this LET ME KNOW!

Or, if you have a real life project for us to work on together LET ME KNOW!

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