3 Tips for a stress free Holiday Season - How to enjoy the season

3 Tips for a stress free Holiday Season - How to enjoy the season

 3 Things You Can Do to Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday Season

How to Enjoy the Holidays


This time of year gets so crazy. We get caught up in shopping, decorating and cooking. It’s so easy to say “Take a minute and enjoy the season.”
But do we really do that? And, more importantly, how do we do that? How do we get into the spirit and enjoy a stress free holiday season?

Here’s how I’ve done it this year.

As soon as Thanksgiving was over I changed my radio station to a Christmas station and I’ve been trying really hard to appreciate all the Christmas lights on my way home from work. The music and the lights put me in the spirit and get me in the holiday mood.
Plus, honestly, they remind me to be nice. 😉 I think being kind and doing nice things for others IS the holiday spirit.

Next, I made sure to schedule a dinner with my girlfriends where we have dinner, drinks, and a gift swap.
I used to do a brunch at my house on a Sunday. But nowadays everyone is so busy. It’s much more feasible for everyone to sneak away on a weeknight for some holiday cheer.  And when you plan a dinner out with your girlfriends you get to just go, no cleaning, no cooking, just show up,  have fun and enjoy your friends. I mean how often do we get together with our girlfriends? Not enough is my answer! W holidays are the perfect time to do that.

Display your Holiday Decorations with Interior Design

Then, when I finally found some time to decorate my own home, I chose only the decorations that I absolutely love.

I kept it simple.

I think that’s the key – keep it simple. When there are only a few key decorations that you love you notice them more and get to appreciate them. They show up more when they’re not surrounded by clutter. Plus, clutter can really stress you out AND who wants to dust all that?

So to enjoy this holiday season, stress-free, do three things.

1. Do what you need to do to get in the mood, whether it’s Christmas music or lights, whatever gets you in the spirit.

2. Take some time to enjoy your family and friends. Don’t stress yourself out with planning an elaborate party. The important part is the quality time spent with the people you love.

3. Choose your holiday decorations wisely and sparingly. Pick items you love! Display them and ENJOY!

Holiday Decorations - Details Full Service Interiors - Enjoy a Stress Free Holiday Season

If you have any tips on how to enjoy a stress-free holiday I’d love to hear them.

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