3 Tools you need to make your holiday decorating EASIER - Details Full Service Interiors

3 Tools you need to make your holiday decorating EASIER - Details Full Service Interiors

When it comes to decorating for the holidays there are three tools you need to make your life easier. And, who doesn’t want to make things easier, right? They’re probably things you already have in your home. But, they work great to make Christmas decorating go more smoothly.
So, what are the three tools you NEED for Holiday Decorating?
Command Hooks, Pipe Cleaners, and a Tape Lint Roller

1. Command Hooks
These handy dandy hooks are invaluable because they’re removable. Yes, you do have to be careful when you’re removing them in order to avoid any wall damage, but they really do come off of your wall easily, with some patience and care.
I use them to hang wreathes and to secure garland. I use them anywhere that I’m hanging temporary, holiday decorations because why make a hole in your wall if you don’t need to?

Command Hooks - Details Full Service Interiors

2. Pipe Cleaners
Do they still call them pipe cleaners? Anyway, you know those fuzzy covered wires? They’re great for securing garland to railings without damaging your woodwork. They also come in green so they don’t show. I also use them to secure my wreaths and garland to my command hooks. They’re a great replacement for anywhere you need wire, but don’t want damage from uncovered wire.

Pipe Cleaners - Chinille Stems - Details Full Service Interiors3. Tape Lint Roller
You know all that glitter and sparkle that inevitably falls off of your decorations? Well, tape lint rollers are the perfect tool to get it up off of your floors and carpets, as well as your clothing. The vacuum cleaner can blow the glitter around, but the lint roller works perfectly to grab it and get rid of it. They even have some on a long handle now for easily rolling the floor area.

Tape Lint Rollers - Details Full Service Interiors

Before you start your holiday decorating make sure you’re ready with these three holiday helpers. You’ll thank me later, I promise.
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